EmeraldQuest 1.0

March 2, 2018

EmeraldQuest, Merged from the latest version of BitQuest and AltQuest, then created to Only use emeralds. The goal of this release is to give a stable platform for developers to develope for BitQuest or AltQuest, while ALSO being its OWN standalone plugin. ANYONE can run their own EmeraldQuest server, the code is open source and available on Github @BitcoinJake09

Helpful Tips

You can buy plots with Emeralds by placing a sign with the name of the plot you would like between 2 ^^ for example: ^NAMEofPLOT^ after you have a plot, different permissions may be assigned with the "/land permission" commands(public/private/clan/pvp/pvp public) example "/land permission clan" would make it so only people i share a clan with would be able to build on that plot.