Emeraldquest Features


The currency on this server is Emeralds A Emerald is a way to store or transfer funds. You can obtain by killing monsters, trading with users or selling resources to villagers. You can only spend as many Emeralds as you can carry!

Level System

The level system is different that in a vanilla server. You gather experience from killing mobs and is never lost. Your XP allows you to become stronger and gain extra health. Mobs also have levels and special abilities specially in dungeons and dangerous areas.


The server is made having the concept of fun in it. Bots and AFK farming is strictly banned, and there are hidden bosses and dungeons.

NEW FEATURE: Clans! To create builds with friends.

16x16 Plots

You can get AS MANY plots as you can purchase with Emeralds! You can set plot permissions (Public/Private/Clan/PvP/Public PvP. Build projects with friends on clan plots that no one else can build on!


PvP can be set Per Chunk Basis using the in-game commands after you have your own plot!